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Junior Code of Conduct

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This code of conduct has been written to make sure all young golfers playing for East Lancs Golf Association know the standards of behaviour that are expected of them when playing for the junior team.

This will help the volunteers, coaches and staff at the golf club to look after the team members and make sure that every young person is able to enjoy their time whilst playing for the association.

1) Treat all golfers whether adult or junior with the same respect and fairness that you would expect of them to show you.

2) All golfers should be able to participate in golf without fear of ridicual, harassment or restriction and uphold this value in all that you do.

3)Demonstrait fair playon and off the course. Respect differencesin gender, disability,culture,racr,ethnicity and relegious beliefs between yourself and others.

4) Do not behave in any irresponsible,abusive,inappropriate or illegal behaviour.

5) Challenge all behaviour that falls below the expected standaed of the golf club

6) Speak out if you are converned about anything, your own needs or the needs of others.

7) Be organised on on time

8) Do not leave the golf club following a match or competition without the knowledge or pernmission of the junior organiser in charge.

9) Follow the golf club rules and dress code both on and off the course.

10) At the end of  the match the player should present themselves in appropriate attire, eg. Jacket / Slacks shirt & tie as determined by the host club.- unless there are extenuating circumstances that junior organisers have been made aware off.

11) Listen to the junior organisers and other club representatives and comply with their requests.

12) Demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour at all times

13) Ensure you have notified the junior organiser of anaffect your standard of play or cause of concern.

14) If selected and later find you are unable to play it is your responsibility to immediately notify the junior organiser of your non availavbility in order to facilitate a replacement.

15) You should not ............................
      Consume alchol or take any illegal /performance drugs.
      Use foul language

Engage in sexual behaviour
      Gamble in any form ( Keep off gaming machines)

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