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General Competition Rules

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General Regulations applying to all Competitions

1. A competitor must have been a Subscribing Member or Life Member of the Club that they
represent for at least three months immediately preceding the date of the Competition, and
shall have reached the age of 16 on the day of the Competition (in which he/she is
competing), or if under 16, shall on that day have a Handicap Index of 6.4 or less. This age
and handicap restriction shall not apply to any Junior Competition. The eligibility of any
player to compete is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

2. Unless explicitly stated otherwise the handicap restriction for all E.L.G.A. events shall be a
Handicap Index of 28.4 for Men and 36.4 for Ladies. Playing Handicaps shall be calculated
in accordance with the procedures mandated by England Golf or its successor.

3. The Executive Committee shall for the purpose of the Competitions, revise and approve
the Local Rules of any Course over which the Competitions may be played.
4. The time of starting in all Competitions will be laid down by the Executive Committee.
(Rule 5.3.a Applies).

5. On completion of each round of a competition the Player and his playing Partner/s must
return together to the Competition Officials Desk and check their score cards with the
Officials before they are signed and handed in. Any discrepancies or items of contention
shall be sorted out at that point prior to the cards being submitted.

6. In the event of a tie in a Singles Event, it shall be decided by comparison of cards using
the last nine holes, then last six holes, then three holes and then the last hole. If there is still
a tie it shall then be decided by comparing scores on each individual hole in turn. If there is
still a tie it shall then be decided by lot. For a team event the same procedure will apply to
the Aggregate scores of all team members. For Gross events the actual score shall be used
and for Handicap competitions the Playing Handicap Index shall be used pro rata.

7. If it becomes impossible to complete the competition in accordance with the conditions
thereof because of adverse weather conditions or other circumstances which in the opinion
of the committee make it impossible or impractical to do so, the committee shall be
empowered to vary such conditions to the extent necessary to achieve a result within the
time available.

8. Suspension, Resumption & Abandonment of Play (Rule 5-7 applies)
When play is suspended by the Committee for a dangerous situation.
(Rule 5-7b(1) applies).
When play is suspended by the Committee for other reasons.
(Rule 5-7b(2) applies).
Suspension of Play shall be signalled as follows:
Discontinue Play Immediately - One prolonged blast of the klaxon
Discontinue Play - Three consecutive blasts of the klaxon, repeated
Resume Play - Two short blasts of the klaxon, repeated
Abandon Play - Four short blasts of the klaxon, repeated

9. All disputes shall be reported to the Secretary of the Association, who shall lay the same
before the members of the Executive Committee who may be present, and their decision
shall be final.

10. These Regulations may be added to or altered at any Annual General Meeting without
previous notice having been given.

11. Players shall walk at all times during a stipulated round unless permitted to ride by the
E.L.G.A, Executive.
PENALTY for breach of condition: Disqualification.
For a player to use a buggy in tournament play, he must prove that he is registered disabled
in accordance with the Disability Act.
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