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Juniors 2024 > Junior Rules etc.
Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs - Lancashire Junior Inter Regional League.


( Now suspended)

This has been replaced with the Lancashire Associations Junior Team events.

CLICK HERE for L.A. Rules


REF . ONLY ---A Team will consist of 8 Players   plus 2 Reserves.

1-Each team will play one match against the other two on a basis to be agreed - one match being at home and the other away.
Other friendly matches could be included at the discretion of Regional Organisers.

 2-Each team will consist of 8 players per team playing 4 foursomes and 8 singles off scratch. The foursomes, pairings and order of play are at the discretion of the Captain, but the singles must be played in strict handicap order.
(For all league matches, listed reserve players must not be included in any team selections Only the Eight Listed Team Players can take part in both the Foursomes and Singles Matches.. - Exceptions could be agreed to for Non League Matches if agreed by the competing organisers.)

3-(Amended) The winning team will receive 2 points, 1 point each for a drawn match. The winners of each Division will be the team with the most points. ln the event of a tie, the winner will be the team which wins the most games. lf this is also tied, the result of the match between the relevant teams will decide. lf this is also tied, the away team will go through to the final.

4-The winners of each Division will meet in a Final play-off. lf this results in a drawn match, the No.1 player for each team will play sudden death. The venue for the Final will alternate between East and West, and region by region.

5-A player may represent more than one region in any playing season.

6(a) - To be eligible to play for a region a player must be
under 18 on 1 January of the year in question and a member of a club which is a member of the appropriate regional organisation.

6(b)-  lf a club is a member of two associations, the association with the fewer number of clubs shall have first choice of player. otherwise the player can be selected by the association with the largest number of clubs within it.

7 ( Amended) Girls are eligible to play. However, as this is a scratch tournament, they will play from thier own teeing ground. For the purpose of assessing her place in the order of play in the singles under Rule (2), a girl's handicap will be increased by the variation in the SSS . (Gents / Ladies)

8-No caddies will be allowed in matches. (Supporters may follow the players, but must not give advice to them).

9- ln the event of a match being rained off or cancelled for any reason, or if all the foursomes and all the singles games are unfinished, it shall be considered a halved match
(1 point to each Region ).

10.- ln the event of either all or part of the foursomes or singles games being rained off or cancelled for any reason, then the match result shall be decided by the foursomes and singles games which have been concluded, so long as either all the foursomes or all the singles have been finished. ln such a case all unfinished games, or games not played, shall be deemed to be halved.

11 - No junior will be allowed to participate without having a Parent / Guardian permission form completed and signed. (Normally available from the home club or direct from ELGA)
This complies with our Child Protection Policy.

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