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Rules-Pending event

Adults 2024 > Adult Event Rules
(2020 Updated)

1) This event is open to male members and former members of a club belonging to the
East Lancashire Golf Association, either currently or during the tenure of Frank
Wharton as Secretary and President.

2) The handicap index limit for this event shall be 28.4.

3) The format of play in this event shall be Fourball Betterball Stableford. The handicap
allocation for this event shall be in accordance with that as currently mandated by
CONGU or subsequent successor organisation.

4) In the event of a tie it shall be decided by comparison of cards using the last nine
holes, then last six holes, then three holes and then the last hole. If there is still a tie
it shall then be decided by comparing scores on each individual hole in turn. If there
is still a tie it shall then be decided by lot.
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