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Adults 2024 > Adult Event Rules
(2020 Updated)

1. This Competition is limited to 60 male competitors with a Handicap Index of 8.4 or
under. In the event that the entry is over subscribed, the entries shall be decided by
ballot in Handicap Index order
Junior male players are eligible to participate.

2. The Competitors shall play 36 holes medal play and the 8 Competitors returning the
best gross scores shall qualify for the quarter finals of the matchplay stage. In the event
of a tie for these places it shall be decided by comparison of cards as outlined in
General Rule 6.
The Competition shall then proceed by matchplay and the winner of the final, which shall
be played over 18 holes shall receive the trophy which he shall be entitled to hold for 12
The winner shall also receive a replica of the trophy.

3. Prizes will be awarded to the runner-up, the losing semi-finalists, losing quarter
finalists and the competitors returning the best nett score and second best nett score
over 36 holes in the qualifying round. No competitor shall be entitled to receive more
than one prize.

4. In the event of a tie in the quarter-finals, semi-finals or Final, the Competitors shall
continue to play over a subset of holes as decided by the Executive and the winner shall
be the one who shall first win a hole. In the event that play has to be suspended, play
shall continue from where the play was suspended at a time determined by the
Executive. If a player is unable to resume at the appointed time they are assumed to
have conceded the match.

5. In the event of a qualifier having to retire, the matchplay stages are to be played as

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